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The iPhone user gets with the 3DGolf4u App an extraordinary tool to capture his scores on the golf course easily and quickly.
Why 3DGolf4u? Easy user guidanceFluid App
Great score overview Fluid App
No more mental arithmetic, stableford - und brutto points are always available Fluid App
The scores are saved automatically and are always available on the web in 3DFluid App
Shows your position on the course - with the distance information to the greenFluid App
Forecast of your final score - no open question about the state of your gameFluid App
App can be used offline - no roaming costs applyFluid App

The new version 3.0 received a complete redesign. In addition to an even simpler user guidance, new features were introduced:

Tee Time Reservation for most Golf Clubs in Switzerland is available Fluid App

With 3DGolf4u the scores are available "online" . Follow the round of your son or daughter at home on your PC.

Get it right now, because Golf will never be the same!


About Us

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Easy To Use

The 3DGolf4u App is an easy to use iPhone App for every golfer.

Map Overview

3DGolf4u shows you on a map where you are.

Tee Time Reservation

Make your Tee Time reservation with your 3DGolf4u App.

3D Round

3DGolf4u allows you to register the GPS coordinates for every single ball lay.

Easy Overview

3DGolf4u offers you different scorecard views – no more manual calculations.

Live Online!

Watch the score of your boy - while he is playing – Online!


Score Entry

A simple and easy-to-use screen where you enter hole for hole. Complete overview of the current hole and the current round.


Swipe the screen from top down and view your current position on the score with the position of the flag is shown on a map.


Turn your iPhone and the scorecard appears. Swipe over the screen and the other nine holes are shown.

Club Info

Get the significant information for thousands of golf clubs. 3DGolf4u helps you even to find the course and makes sure that you tee off in time.

Played Courses

3DGolf4u keeps track of your played rounds and shows a list of all courses you played in the past. The color rates the success of your game.


Manage the scores for the whole flight. All scores are automatically saved in the 3DGolf4u cloud.


Version 1.0.2

Released on March 13th, 2012
  • New Full iOS 5.1 compatibility
  • Fix Push notifications update & fixes
  • New Added dashboard refresh button
  • fix Various UI enhancements

Version 1.0.1

Released on January 10th, 2012
  • New Full iOS 5 compatibility
  • Fix Push notifications update & fixes
  • New Added dashboard refresh button
  • fix Various UI enhancements

Version 1.0

Released on January 1st, 2012
  • New Initial release for iOS and Android



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  • Q. What are the requirements to use this App?

    The iGol4u App runs on the 3G, 4 and 5 iPhones. We recommend to have the lates OS installed.

  • Q. What are the first steps?

    The 3DGolf4u App indicates with the red "Settings" button that there are some open settings to be done. Although you can use the App without those settings, we recommend to enter the requested information. Under "Settings" you can enter the following data:

    1. Enter your e-mail address. We will send you the 3DGolf4u account information to this address. With this e-mail address as user name and the received password you can use the website as your web interface for the 3DGolf4u App.

    2. Define the clubs in your bag. With this information the 3DGolf4u App will support your club decision. The 3DGolf4u App is able to calculate the best matching club for your next stroke to the green.

    3. Enter your actual handicap. Based on your handicap we calculate the playing handicap for the course you are playing. This handicap is also used as the default handicap for your next round.

  • Q. Do I have to load all courses?

    NO. The 3DGolf4u App contains already app. 800 courses with deatilled information for each hole. All courses in Switzerland, Mallorca and most courses in Germany, Austria and French are amongst them. The 3DGolf4u App also provides the option to load a single course.

  • Q. How can I download a single course?

    Enter under the function "Play" the name of the course or club and the App shows you a list with matching courses. Select the desired course and stay for about 2 seconds on the entry. The selected course will now be downloaded onto your iPhone. This procedure takes not more than 5 seconds.
    If the information "Server Sync Needed" is shown, the course is not yet on your iPhone available and the procedure above has to be followed to use the course.

  • Q. How do I use the 3DGolf4u App?

    To use the 3DGolf4u App on a golf course for the first time simply click on the "Play" button and enter the requested information. The first required information is the course you are currently playing. The 3DGolf4u App shows you the three golf courses which are the closest courses to your current position. The chance is quite high that the firts course in the list is the course you are playing.

    Otherwise enter the name of the course. After app three entered characters you will get the list with the matching courses. Select the course and the 3DGolf4u App takes you to the possible tee off positions. Select the tee off color you are playing and the 3DGolf4u App takes you to the handicap screen. Enter your actual handicap and click on "Next". Now select the hole you are at the moment and enter your score for the current hole.

  • Q. How do I backup my scores?

    You don't have to backup your scores. This is done by We save your scores and take care that your scores will always be available.

  • Q. How can I see the additional Option?

    In the bottom line the additional functions are indicated by different icons. It is shown whether there are additional functions by turning the iPhone or by swiping (top-down or left-right) over the screen.

  • Q. What if I lose my iPhone?

    Your scores are safe. Get your new iPhone and load the 3DGolf4u App from your iTunes account. Synchronize the rounds with the 3DGolf4u cloud and the rounds are back on your iPhone.

  • Q. Is it possible to share the Scores with my Golf Buddies?

    Yes, of course. Just enable your golf buddies to view your scores by means of the 3DGolf4u web interface and they can view your scores.

  • Q. Is my round online available?

    Yes, of course. All 3DGolf4u members which have access to your scores or your account can check your score online, while you are playing a round.

  • Q. How do I find a course?

    You have two options to find a course.

    1. The button "Nearby Courses" show you the closest courses to your current position. Click on one of the listed courses and the 3DGolf4u App shows you more information about this course.

    2. Click on the "Play" button and enter the name of the course in question. The 3DGolf4u App shows you the basis information about this course/club. If the information "Server Sync Needed" is shown, the course is not yet on your iPhone available. Click on the course and the 3DGolf4u App updates the course data immediately.

  • Q. Can I check and change already played rounds?

    Of course you can. The button "History" shows you all played rounds and the status within the 3DGolf4u cloud. The orange cloud indicates that that round has not been saved yet. The blue cloud indicates that the round has been saved. Click on the round in question and you can change all data of that particular round.

  • Q. How do I save a round?

    Every time you press "Done" after you entered the score for one hole, the data is saved in the 3DGolf4u cloud. If you want to be sure that the round has been saved, click on the synchronize button in the hole overview screen.

  • Q. Which languages are supported?

    At the moment the languages German and English are supported. More languages will follow.

  • Q. Where can I find more information?

    Use the "Help" button of the 3DGolf4u App for more information. All screens, icons and buttons are described in the App help.

  • Q. What are the future functions?

    The 3DGolf4u App will provide you with the next update with the Multiplayer function. It will be possible to enter the scores for all flight partners and save them in the 3DGolf4u cloud.